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Gta Vice City

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Game Description

GTA: Vice City does things GTA4 didn't do. The full list is far too extensive, but the crucial elements are as such: 1.) You can ride motorcycles (four different kinds, a high-powered street bike, a chopper, a scooter and a dirt bike) all over the city. They all handle remarkably well: Some are incredibly fast, and others handle traffic better than others. And you can pull off Stunt Jumps with them, adjusting the bikes in mid-air, thanks to a city specially designed with ramps, jumps and surfaces designed for launching you into the air. 2.) You can pilot helicopters through the skies, lifting up above everything and landing down on whatever permits a vehicle of that size. Vice City is designed as two large, mostly symmetrical thumb-like islands, enclosing at least three smaller islands, providing channels of water in which to skipper boats. 3.) Yes, Rockstar expanded the use of boats, and just like the acquisition of cars, motorcycles and helicopters, players can now acquire a quiver of water-ready vessels to ride.

Just as the city has expanded on the outside to include more waterways and more rooftops (you'll be surprised to see the lines of rooftop jumps designed for you Stunt Jump artists our there), it's also expanded internally. 4.) Lead character Tommy Vercetti opens doors and then walks inside them; and after a short load time of five to 10 seconds, he's inside, be it a strip club, mansion, dance club, movie studio, apartment, hotel, what have you. Missions take place inside buildings, sometimes using a combination of both inside and outside structures. Inside, the camera work isn't perfect. In fact, it grows quite aggravating; and for the most part the architecture isn't stunning either, but the idea of levels taking place inside is a natural extension of the game, and it work out well enough.
Last year's onslaught of AAA games had us staggering with delight -- and exhaustion -- when the year finally came to a close. In comparison, this year's lineup of games, well, it initially looked stunning, before the delays anyway. But now it's clear what 2002 is all about. Like a co-worker of mine said a few weeks ago, there's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and there's everything else. The biggest, most anticipated game of 2002 is upon us, and a large population of the gaming public has come to a halt as Rockstar North has slaved away to finish its second massive blockbuster just one year after GTA San lit the videogame world on fire. And now it's here. It's finally here.

System Requirements

System Requirements:
System: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or 800 MHz AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
Video Card: 32 MB
RAM: 128 MB
Required Disk Space: 1500 MB
DirectX: DirectX v9.0

Game Screen Shots

Gta Vice City pc game download

Gta Vice City pc game download

Gta Vice City pc game download

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Gta Vice City


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